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Over the last year, we have reviewed probiotics and prebiotics. I am sure you are wondering how many supplements you should be feeding yourself or your children.  The issue that many allergy/celiac family faces is that once you find a product that covers all your supplements its usually not gluten free, dairy free or dye free. Two weeks ago, the Mom’s Meet Network sent me a sample of Little DaVinci Mighty Vite. This product immediately perked my interest because it is a multi-product supplement; meaning it is a probiotic, a prebiotic and a multivitamin all in one product.  Plus Mighty Vite is in a powder form not in a gummy form which according to our pediatric dentist is a big no-no, especially since 3 out of my 4 kids are in braces (Gasp!). 


golden powder form

Quick List About The Ingredients in Mighty Vite

  • Quatrefolic® (A well-researched bioactive form of folate),
  • CurcuWIN® (This is a form of curcumin that is 46 times better absorbed by the body than standard curcumin. Curcumin supports digestive health in kids as well as a healthy inflammatory response )
  • Bacillus Coagulant (Probiotic), 
  • Inulin and SunFiber® (Prebiotic).

Find more information about Little DaVinci Mighty Vites HERE 

How My Kids Tested Mighty Vites (Thanks kids!)

TEST 1: Mighty Vite says that their product is a “ready to eat” powder form. My teenager looks at me and said “sounds like we can just eat it”. Being a scientist at heart, she volunteered to test it out. The serving scoop is about 1/2tsp and she scooped it into her mouth. Reaction: Its DRY (Of course silly, its powder)! Luckily we were prepared and had water on hand! As we mentioned the texture is dry and dissolve quickly like powdered candy (example Pixie Stix or Fun Dip). The taste is mildly fruity and slightly sweet. In terms of smell, it is also lightly fruity to almost no distinguishable scent.


Wasn’t sure what to make of it in the beginning but decide at the end it tasted like Pixie Stix.

IMG_1723TEST 2: A scoop of powder was combined with 1/2 cup of water and given to the kids to drink. The taste is mild but it does have that familiar vitamin taste, the kids didn’t seem to mind it as it was a gulp and it tasted milder than their typical liquid medicine. In this small amount of water you can see that the color is now dark gold (almost like an apple cider). There are some fine particles that don’t dissolve all the way but it was noticeable when drinking. The smell itself is of a mild vitamin or supplement water…nothing that was unpleasant.

NOTE: The 1/2 cup amount of water was meant to make a quick “shot” of Mighty Vites for the kids. Remember, if you want to add more water and have your child sip it like a vitamin water then the taste would be much milder and less noticeable.


TEST 3: This was a blind test meaning I never told the kids that it was “hidden” in their smoothies (see recipes below). They drank it and did not notice the addition of Mighty Vites.

FINAL RESULTS: As a family, we like this product.  The kids like it because its mild in flavor and they had options on what form they would like to take it. The older kids can dissolve the Mighty Vites Powder in water and drink it, its light and pleasant enough in taste that its the most efficient way to take it daily. The younger kids can still mix with water or juice. However, if your child is picky, you can mix it into their yogurt, smoothies or even a fruit/vegetable puree.  We (the parents) like it because now we are down to one supplement as opposed to needing to buy a probiotic, a prebiotic and a vitamin. 

Things That Parent’s Care About

  • Gluten free, dairy free, dye free and sugar free product.
  • Made with Non-GMO ingredients.
  • No extra fillers or binders.
  • Ready to eat powdered form, that dissolves fast and is not noticeable when blended into foods.
  • Currently, purchase available only online (A nice option for those of use who can not make it to the stores.) You can purchase it either on HERE .
  • It is $20.95 for approximately 30 servings, this is on par in cost for most gluten free-dairy free supplement with probiotics (and Mighty Vite is also a prebiotic and vitamin). If you want to try this product I have a 20% OFF coupon code MOMBLOG good till June 3, 2020.

Best Ways To Use This Product



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