Black Forest Ice Cream

Black Forest Ice Cream This recipe is gluten free, soy free and nut free but is NOT dairy-free. Compared to commercial brands this ice cream is indeed a healthy choice. When you see the first ingredient, you will be shocked! This was a request from one of my supporters, she wanted a healthy chocolate cherry ice cream. This … Continue reading Black Forest Ice Cream


Cannoli Cream Filled Strawberries

You want a romantic dessert but you don't want to chocolate.  (Well you do want chocolate...but you gave it up for Lent and this Valentine's Day happens to be during Lent. Don't cry...try this little twist instead! When Lent is over, you should try this with a drizzle of my Vegan Chocolate Sauce too!...Nom Nom!   … Continue reading Cannoli Cream Filled Strawberries