Allergy Friendly Vegan Stew

Allergy Friendly Vegan Stew We are still meatless this week (except for seafood) and so is my little allergy kiddo.  I can't tell you how touched I am that is she is meatless with me. This is why I have been working so hard to make some new vegetarian and seafood dishes.  I want to use … Continue reading Allergy Friendly Vegan Stew


TwoWay Crockpot Minestrone

Two Way Crockpot Minestrone As the weather gets colder there are 2 things that a busy mom (or let's be honest a busy person) would appreciate...soup and crockpot meals.  This is the inspiration for tonight's dinner.  I needed to take my kids to swim practice and I wanted something warm to be waiting for them when … Continue reading TwoWay Crockpot Minestrone