Stuffed Pepper Caprese

Stuffed Pepper Caprese During the summer, many of us just don't want to cook.  It is too hot and there just isn't enough time between camp pickups and running errands.  This morning, I quickly chopped up all the vegetables and made the filling.  Later this evening, I filled the peppers and grilled up some shrimp.  It … Continue reading Stuffed Pepper Caprese

Brussel Sprout Stir Fry?

Brussels Sprouts! Usually we roast Brussels sprouts and then crumble some bacon on top.  Recently at the markets, I noticed that they are selling shredded Brussels sprouts.  Its neat that they are doing that but its not really for roasting…so what do you do with it? Well other than putting it in your salad…you can … Continue reading Brussel Sprout Stir Fry?