Bolognese over Zoodles

Bolognese Over Zoodles Many people think that if you eat clean or gluten free, pasta is out of the question.  This is not true. With everything in life, you just have to make better choices.  There are many clean brands of gluten free pastas out there, that even the pickiest kid would eat. Ahem..... (*cough*) ...hubby! Although I eat … Continue reading Bolognese over Zoodles

Asian Pineapple Beef Skewers

Asian Pineapple Beef Skewers Last night the kids wanted quinoa fried rice and I wanted to grill!  To compromise, I made these boneless short rib skewers to go with the quinoa fried rice.  The marinade is cross between a Hawaiian and a teriyaki.  Usually a boneless short rib can have a chew but the pineapple … Continue reading Asian Pineapple Beef Skewers

Mexican Stuffed Cabbage

When it comes to dinner, do you feel like you have to constantly make something new? That there are those in the house the REFUSES to eat leftovers...ahem..hubby.... Sometimes all it takes is a little tweak to the old to turn it into something NEW.  This past week was St. Paddy's Day, this means cabbage was 17cents … Continue reading Mexican Stuffed Cabbage