Halloween Menu

Halloween Menu

This time of the year,  I get many requests on what to serve for Halloween Parties.  Usually all the Halloween parties I go to, it’s more of a cocktail and finger food affair. (Not real fingers of course!). However, I know sometimes we just need to get dressed up in our Halloween gear and sit down at the table for a ghoulishly civilized affair. So, dim the lights and close the drapes…its dinner time. (Cue in thunder clap.)

Note: Click on Orange Menu Items for the Recipe

Halloween Menu


Devilish Egg Eyeballs


Jack o’ Lantern Citrus Slaw


Zombie Face Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

(The more you cook the pepper, the softer the face gets. It is as if the face is melting…LOL)


Clementine Pumpkins/Ghost Bananas/Mummy Apples


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