Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is coming! As an allergy mom planning the class party, I really wanted some fun, healthy and safe snacks.  I know what you are thinking, fruit platter and vegetable platters sound so boring and not fun for the kids. What if I told you there are some easy ways to spook up these healthy platters? Either way, I know that it’s not easy to make healthy things fun and I wanted to throw out some ideas to my fellow moms (and dads) out there.  I hope you and your little loved ones will enjoy these healthy Halloween treats.

Clementine Pumpkins

Clementines are easy to get this time of the year and they sell them in bulk…. bonus for parties and classrooms.  I know there are many versions of this treat out there on the internet. However, this one is my favorite because the skin is intact and if the kids don’t want to eat it…they can bring it home.

Supplies: Clementines, “Food Safe” Markers (You can get these in the cake decorating area in many stores.)


  • Wipe down the surface of the clementines.
  • Use the food safe marker to draw your lantern face.

Banana Ghosts


Can you believe how easy it is to make and it comes out so cute!

Supplies: Bananas, Allergy Safe Chocolate Chips


  • Peel the number of bananas that you will need.
  • Cut the bananas in half and place it cut side down.
  • Use chocolate chips for eyes and mouths.

Mummy Apples


This is so cool, because remember all those apples you have left over from apple picking? Well, this is a great way to share because it’s still intact…less worry about browning, lemon juice and other stuff. Let’s be honest, we have enough to worry about.

Supplies: Apples, Self-Adhesive Eyes, Tape and Fine Gauze


  • Clean the surface of the apples.
  • Wrap the apples with gauze and leave a gap to where you would put the eyes.
  • Tape the end of the gauze so that the gauze won’t unravel.
  • Adhere the eyes to the gap in the gauze.

Jack O’Lantern Popcorn Bags


The kids really like this one, because you can fill up a huge caldron with popcorn and the kids can fill up their bags after they are done decorating it.

Supplies: Popcorn, Orange Paper Bags, Black Markers


  • Hand out orange bags to the kids and have them decorate with black markers.
  • Once they have competed decorating the bags, let them come up and fill up the bags with popcorn.
Clean Eating Gluten Free Foodie

Hope you all enjoy these ideas….Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


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