Flatbox Lunch Boxes

Flatbox Lunch Box

Last week, the twins were lucky enough to receive 2 Flatbox lunch boxes from Solvetta to review.  HaveIMG_8708 you seen these lunch boxes (bags)? They are basically shaped like a bowling bag and unzips completely flat into a dining mat. As an allergy mom, this immediately makes me jump in excitement. Currently, my kids use regular lunch boxes and I pack them a hand towel and wipes.  I tell them to wipe down the surface and then lay down the hand towel. Yes, we even do role play at home so I can make sure they know how to do this properly.  At the end, they are kids though and how much are they really following through. It’s not just about germs but all the potential allergens like dairy and wheat on the tables. The thought of cheddar cheese goldfish crackers terrifies me! So when I heard about these lunch boxes that convert into table mats, I knew we had to test these lunch boxes ourselves.

Here’s the thing, I’ve seen a ton of bloggers review these lunch boxes but honestlyIMG_8707.jpg they are all adults.  I should hope they know how to open and close these lunch bags at their age. My concern was more, could my 7yr olds do it and not have everything fall out? Would the zippers stick or what if the neoprene fabrics get stuck in the zippers? My twins once again proved that I shouldn’t worry. The big zippers on these lunch boxes went up and down without an issue and was easy for little hands to use.

See the twins testing out the product in this video clip.​

Lets discuss some facts that the adults care about and the 7yr olds didn’t (as much):

  1. Its a 2-in-1 design, its a lunch box to carry your food and a place mat you can eat off of.
  2. The lunch box is PVC, BPA, & phthalate free, it’s safe to eat off of.
  3. Machine washable…Whether you are an allergy, celiac or not, being able to wash a lunch bag is awesome! Lets face it, lunch boxes belonging to kids or grown ups can get very disgusting.
  4. We placed an ice pack in the lunch bag and it kept the food chilled till lunch time.
  5. My twins got the “REGULAR” size and it holds a 10oz. thermos, a drink bottle, a fruit cup and a packaged snack.  I think thats pretty good amount of food, plus since its a “soft” design they can shove more things on top (like a pack of Pokemon cards).
  6. I do recommend that if you wash these lunch boxes do it on a Friday, then you have plenty of time to let it dry for the next school day.

My biggest problem with these bags is that we got 2 and gave it to the twins. Now, my 2 older children (teen and tween) are so jealous that they are begging me for one too.  I do notice that they come in a “LARGE” size, other than the “REGULAR” size my twins got.  These may be more ideal for adults (or teens/tweens) that have to pack more to eat. I think when I order for my older kids I would go for the “LARGE” size. Overall, would I go out and buy it? Yes, this is a lunch box that does 2 jobs.  I think it would also come in handy when spring sports start and there are NO TABLES around on the swim deck.  This can make an impromptu dining surface.

For more information about Flatbox by Solvetta, click here.

On a side note, my twins also decided its a great way to move IMG_8700.jpgtheir lego projects from one room to another. Will these kids ever cease to amaze me? LOL!!


The test products were samples from the company but the opinions and thoughts are my own.  



14 thoughts on “Flatbox Lunch Boxes

  1. Trista says:

    I love this! I had never even thought of having to worry about the surfaces they’re eating off of when someone has a food allergy. I’m glad they love them. Hopefully it’ll bring you some peace of mind!

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