Cannoli Cream Filled Strawberries

You want a romantic dessert but you don’t want to chocolate.  (Well you do want chocolate…but you gave it up for Lent and this Valentine’s Day happens to be during Lent. Don’t cry…try this little twist instead! When Lent is over, you should try this with a drizzle of my Vegan Chocolate Sauce too!…Nom Nom!


A twist on strawberries and cream!


1 Cup of Strawberries or 6 large Strawberries
(1 serving of strawberries counts as 1P)
I used a melon scooper (or a paring knife) to hollow out the strawberries.
(Please use your best judgement when using a sharp knife!)
You can keep the insides that you scoop out to to freeze for smoothies later. (No Waste!)
Set your new strawberry cups aside and make the cream.


Makes enough for 2 servings of main dish

¾ Cup skim ricotta cheese (drain any excess liquid)
1 Tbs plain Greek yogurt
1 Tsp vanilla extract
1-2 packets stevia
1-2 Tsp honey

Combine all the ingredients together!

Once the cream is made, place it into a ziplock bag.
Squeeze the air out and push the cream to the inner corner of the bag.
Seal the bag and cut a little of the tip to use as a piping bag.
Fill each strawberry cup…you should have leftovers that you can save in a tupperware or freeze as a frozen treat later.


21Day Fix Container Count

1/2R per serving


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