What are Prebiotics?

What are Prebiotics?
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Disclosure: I received samples of Country Life Gut Connection for free from Moms Meet to use, to review and to post 100% my honest opinion. 

I recently have been receiving many emails asking what are prebiotics and how to find gluten free vegan sources of prebiotics.  I have to admit this isn’t the easiest task because I am usually wary of supplements and their labeling practices. Luckily by working with Mom’s Meet network, they were able to introduce me to Country Life’s line of Gut Connection products. When I read about Country Life’s commitment to labeling, it made me very excited to work with them and I couldn’t wait to review their product.

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotic is a type of fiber that the human body cannot digest. They serve as food for probiotics. Both prebiotics and probiotics may support helpful bacteria and other organisms in the gut.

What is the difference between Prebiotic and Probiotic

Probiotics are living microorganisms (which includes bacteria and yeast). They are intended to provide health benefits when ingested, generally this is done by improving or restoring the gut flora. As mentioned above, prebiotic feed probiotics. For example, Gut Connection by Country Life is a whole food fermentate prebiotic that feeds the bacteria in your gut and helps maintain its lining to improve your gut microbiome health.

Why did I decide to try Country Life’s Prebiotic?

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This last year has been extremely hectic for me with the four kids getting older and their schedules getting busier.  This has kept me running around and with the past 3 months being so cold, I have been focusing on drinking more bone broth. Since prebiotics are usually best for people with busy lifestyles, who do not have a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fermented foods. I thought I would give prebiotic a try. The one I decided on is Country Life Gut Connection Immune Balance.

The Country Life Gut Connection products are certified gluten free (by GFCO), certified (by AVA) vegan (that means this product is also dairy free), wheat free, soy free, sugar free (and no artificial sweeteners) and its free of artificial food coloring. This is important to me since many of you know my household is a multi-food allergy household. Gut Connection is also probiotic-free, so you can take it alone or with your favorite probiotic. (This is great for us who are already fond of our probiotic or has a huge supply of probiotics.)

Country Life is also a B-Corporation which means a for-profit company that includes positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment. An example is that for this specific line of prebiotic…the package is recyclable and the manufacturing supports wind power.

What are my thoughts about the Country Life Gut Connection Immune Balance?

I’ve been taking the prebiotics everyday for two weeks with no other changes in my lifestyle to see what impact it would have on me. What I have noticed more regularity and less distended bowls which is an issue I tend to have (this may be a bit TMI but when we talk about gut health…this topic can get detailed). I also noticed that I felt less sluggish and my skin has been clearer, which was a nice benefit!

Do you take prebiotics? What are changes that you noticed when you started?

Important Notes:

  • You can purchase Country Life Gut Connection on Amazon.com or through their store locator.
  • If you have a weakened immune systems or underlying illnesses, you should consult a board certified licensed doctor before taking any supplements or changing your diet.
  • This product contains yeast, rice, and sunflower.
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