Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Expo


Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo 2018

Everyone gets excited this time of the year because of Halloween, Thanksgiving and pumpkin spice lattes! Me??? It’s the Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Expo, we go as a whole family.  The expo is a full weekend long, I usually go on the first day to explore and checkout all the new products.  I like to make a list of items that are not just gluten free but also free of dairy, peanuts, tree nuts and soy.  Then the second day I make another round with the family and gather their thoughts on their favorites. Of course, there are also games and giveaways there that keep grown ups and little ones busy there.  We tend to spend between 2-4hrs there… remember, there are over 100 vendors at the expo.  You can get a one day ticket or a weekend pass.  There are many items to see and try out, so plan out your day or weekend! 

We usually leave with multiple bags because the companies are generous and they give out many samples and coupons.  Also, we find things that are so amazing we just have to buy them!  I want to list out my top FIVE favorite items from last year’s (GFAFexpo 2017) that we couldn’t resist bringing home last year!

Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Miniatures

Enjoy LifeWe all know that I am a big fan of Enjoy Life and have been an avid product user of this top 8 free brand for close to 10yrs.  However, last year with the new chocolate miniatures on the market, I may have fallen in love again.  This is seriously perfect timing for Halloween and this portion control fanatic mama! 

Kiss Freely Lipstick

Kiss FreelyThese lipsticks are vegan, top 8 food allergen free and more!  I bought the Merlot and it is a light glossy red.  It definitely didn’t dry out my lips and left a lovely sheen. The most important thing is that I won’t accidentally eat any allergens or leave allergens on my food allergy children’s faces when I kiss them. 


my breadThese flat breads are amazing and definitely my favorite out of all the ones I have gotten at the grocery store. We use them as a pizza crust or toast them up with olive oil to eat as a naan. (Did I mention that they are a dedicated gluten free and nut free facility?) I may have given them a bit of a hard time because they don’t sell in bulk because I really wanted to fill my freezer with them! LOL!

Mosaic Chips

MozaicThis one was voted in by my non-glutenfree husband.  He actually loved these chips and regularly takes a bag to work now. These chips are actually popped and not fried. His favorite is BBQ and salsa but I like the plain sea salt.  (The BBQ, salsa and sea salt are top 8 allergen free flavors.  The cheddar and sour cream with onions contains dairy but all are gluten free.)

Ronzoni Gluten Free

ronzoniEveryone knows this brand of pasta but would not associate them with gluten free pastas. Their line of gluten free pasta actually taste pretty close to a regular pasta, is affordable and easy to find!

***Many of these brands (except for Kiss Freely) are slotted to return to this year’s GFAFexpo but are subject to change due to availability.

To purchase tickets: please use my link click here and use these coupon codes on me:

30% off w/ code EARLYBIRD (thru 9/12)
20% off w/ code ADVANCE (thru 10/12)

This post contains affiliated links, where I make a small fee to support this blog.

Meadowlands Exposition Center
355 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094

10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Saturday the 13th
10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Sunday the 14th
Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo 2018
Clean Eating Gluten Free Foodie

I hope to see you all there!





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