On the Road:Chilis

There are times when we are going to be on the road or we need to go out with coworkers. Let’s be honest here, reality is that we can’t always pack our own meals. Today I’m on a road trip with my family. For our pit stop, I “yelped” restaurants in the area and stopped at Chilis. Here are items that are gluten-free (as of June 25, 2016) and also on the “lighter side” area of the menu. Yes, there is always a customized salad option but this is when you want warm food. Hope this is helpful for my friends on the road. 😀 As always, please let your server know of your dietary needs.

This restaurant choice is based purely on what we found on the road or within the vicinity of where we are traveling.  We paid for all our meals as normal people do and the restaurant was never aware that we were reviewing them.


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