On the Road:Cracker Barrel

Clean Eating Gluten Free Foodie On the Road:Cracker Barrel

Still on the road…I can’t wait to be back home! There are lots of unfamiliar restaurants on the road or places I would not be able to find a safe GF options. Yes, let’s be honest if you see a place called House of Big Bread or something like that…just move on. We manage to stop at a Cracker Barrel. The reason that I stopped there was because I’ve been to one by my house and I knew they had a large menu. As always, you can order a custom salad…meaning a salad with no croutons, cheese or dressing on the side. We’ve all done it but kiddo and I wanted hot food.
BTW…I ALWAYS let the servers know of our dietary restrictions. I asked them how they would prepare my daughter’s food since its cooked on a flat top. The manager walked me through that they clean it off and then as added protection add foil on the cook top. ALWAYS ASK, not all places train their people the same way.
This is what both kiddo and I had..except she had apple juice instead of ice tea. 😀 Pretty healthy right?

This restaurant choice is based purely on what we found on the road or within the vicinity of where we are traveling.  We paid for all our meals as normal people do and the restaurant was never aware that we were reviewing them.



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