Date Sweetener

Date Sweetener In my quest to use less refined sugar, I have been experimenting with raw organic agave, honey and maple syrup. However, after a friend gave me a box of Medjool dates, I have found a new culinary gem! These tasty naturally sugary fruits are delicious on their own but when combined in salads, … Continue reading Date Sweetener


Salsa Fresca…aka “Fresh Sauce”

Salsa Fresca Salsa Fresca, the name says it all doesn't it?  Salsa Fresca means "Fresh Sauce" in Spanish.      Its clean, its fresh and its gluten free! Plus, you can always customized it to your taste. I usually make a batch with Jalepenos and a batch without Jalepenos but with extra garlic. I store … Continue reading Salsa Fresca…aka “Fresh Sauce”