Springtime Pea Soup

Springtime Pea Soup I can't get spring out of my mind! The weather in the Northeast has been taunting me! We get 30 degrees in the morning and then by noon it is 60 degrees. Today, its close enough to spring that I went for a run.  I went out around 11am, so the air was cool but … Continue reading Springtime Pea Soup


Wacky Orange Spiced Muffins

Wacky Orange Spiced Muffins This recipe is based on the idea of the "Wacky Cake".  The Wacky Cake is a cake recipe that was the result of scarce ingredients during the Great Depression.  The cake is not supposed to have milk or eggs, as those were scarce ingredients or were considered expensive.  This makes it … Continue reading Wacky Orange Spiced Muffins