An Almost BLT Bowl

An Almost BLT Bowl

There are just days when you sit there and you think “Man! I could really use a BLT!” Okay, I’m guilty of always thinking of that. I am a complete bacon addict. I like them all, the turkey, the pork and even the vegan version. Please…don’t judge, there are some people who are addicted to chocolate or ice cream but I love that smoky salty treat! 😀 Back to the topic, I want a BLT. However, I have no lettuce, only cherry tomatoes and 1 slice of stale gluten free bread. I look at that sad slice and I know it wouldn’t even hold up to a half sandwich. I open rummage through the vegetable drawers and found some mini cucumber and an avocado. Yes! I am going to make a chopped salad that mimics all the flavors of a BLT. Plus, the extra greens will make this a nice filling meal! I still have no lettuce in the house so this is an “Almost BLT Bowl”.


  • 1 Slice of GF Bread (I used Udis Whole Grain)IMG_4101.JPG
  • 1 Cup of Halved Cherry Tomatoes
  • 1 Cup of Diced Baby Cucumbers
  • 4 Slices of GF Turkey Bacon (You can use 4 slices of vegan bacon or if you use pork bacon use 2 slices instead.)
  • 1/4 Haas Avocado (sliced)
  • Garlic Powder
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Pink Sea Salt
  • Jenny’s Basic Balsamic Dressing or any other low fat dressing of your choice.


  1. Lets make the croutons first, pop the bread in a toaster and toast.
  2. Once the toast is done, cut it in bit size pieces and toss with a little garlic powder, sea salt and crack pepper. Since the size of bread vary from brand to brand, instead of giving you exact measurements please season to your liking.
  3. Set your croutons aside and prepare your turkey bacon according to package directions.
  4. Let the bacon cool then cut it into bite size strips.
  5. Arrange in your bowl, the baby cucumbers, the cherry tomatoes, the croutons, the avocado and the bacon.
  6. Toss with 2 tsp. of balsamic vinegar or 1TBS of your favorite low fat dressing.
  7. This makes 1 serving.
Clean Eating Gluten Free Foodie

(Vegan Option)

Dairy Free

21 Day Fix Container Count:1R 2G 1B 1Y (If you use dressing 1/2O)




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