Mother Dirt

Mother Dirt:A “Live” Approach to Gluten Free Beauty Products

I was recently sent a sample of Mother Dirt’s products to review.  On August 1, I plan to start a 7 day journal of using Mother Dirt’s Shampoo, AO+ Mist and Cleanser. The first question you should have is “What in the world is Mother Dirt?”.  Mother Dirt is a company that uses biome-friendly ingredients that “rebalance the skin” and reduce your use of toxic chemicals and harsh ingredients. Their products are also supposed to reduce your dependence on conventional products like soaps, deodorants, and moisturizers. Mother Dirt products do not have gluten containing ingredients but they are not yet gluten-free certified. Good News! When I contacted them on July 27, 2016, they stated that they are in the middle working on their certification. You are probably wondering why this company? Aren’t their other gluten free certified skin care products out there for you to try.  There are but what caught my attention is the AO+ Mist, it contains Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB).  This is a living product that is supposed to replenish the good bacteria that we lose in the modern world. Specifically, this particular bacteria loves to consume the bacteria found in my sweat and turn them into skin loving byproducts. Lucky little bacteria, its August and I am going to provide these bacteria with some sweat!  I’m game…let’s get started!

August 1: Monday

My goodies came in the mail on July 27th, with a cold pack on in the envelope with it. Since the AO+ mist has the AOB, the directions says to keep it in the fridge till use. The shampoo and the cleanser I left out till ready to use. I unsealed all the bottles today. (I really like the way the bottles are sealed tight in plastic.)IMG_3770.JPG

My new morning ritual is to wash my face with Cleanse, apply sun screen and finish with a spritz of AO+ Mist. My evening ritual is now to shower with Cleanse and wash my hair with Shampoo, then finish off with AO+ Mist to the face and body. The Cleanse dispenser is actually a foamer, so the soap came out as a light white foam.  I’ll be honest, it smelled like…um nothing. The shampoo was more of a gel texture and when applied to wet hair gave a nice decent lather…it too smelled like…um nothing. T
he AO+ Mist came out in a nice controlled spritz and it also smelled like nothing. So far we know when they say it’s fragrance free, they aren’t kidding!

August 2: Tuesday

Morning ritual done, the added step of spraying the AO+ Mist wasn’t stressful. I would apply my sunscreen, then go change and spray my face after I changed. This gave my face time to absorb the sunscreen or allow it to dry before applying the mist.

Midday my face felt tight…like it was dry, decided to give my face an additional spritz of AO+ today.

Evening ritual done, its been 2 days since I used moisturizer.

August 3: Wednesday

Still following my regime and misting twice a day.  Interesting…I looked at my face for a while today because I was worried about it being dry and flakey but it wasn’t. Hmm…

August 4: Thursday

End of day 4, the ritual continues…I realized today I haven’t been using conditioner the last few days. I didn’t want to use any other beauty products that might interfere with the Mother Dirt products.

August 5: Friday

Fascinating thought today, I now only use the Mother Dirt’s Shampoo, Cleanse, AO+ Spritz and my own sunscreen. OK, I also use toothpaste but that’s it! Can you imagine only 5 items daily? I might actually un-clutter my countertops!

August 6: Saturday

This is end of day 6, tonight I really stared at the mirror and I think my skin actually looks good. I know it sounds crazy but given that I haven’t used moisturizer for almost a week, my face looks dewy and the pores looks finer. I asked my husband what he thought and he stared at me for a good 5 min and said “Your skin looks smoother.” I told him he better not be messing with me or I’m going to punch him! 

August 7: Sunday

(10pm…end of day 7) Honestly, when I first started using the Mother Dirt products,  I was a bit worried. I have what my allergist calls “hypersensitive skin”. This means that my skin is so sensitive that they wont do a scratch test on me because it would all come up positive. Yes, even a simple scratch can cause my skin to flare up. However, Mother Dirt perked my interest with their AOBiome technology and that it was gluten free, dairy free and nut free.  After all, if my skins flares up within 20 min, I would have stopped using it.

At the end, all of you want to know is one thing…would I use it again? 

Yes, I would and in fact I plan on using these products till the bottles are empty and order more when they are done. My skin looks so much better and I use less products. 


2 thoughts on “Mother Dirt

    • ceglutenfreefoodie says:

      15 months later….I still use the product but it is a bit pricey for me. What I decided was to just keep using the AO Mist only, it seems to be the best in keeping my skin clear. Thank you so much for checking in!


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