Made Good Foods Giveaway

Made Good Foods Giveaway

Over the years, you’ve seen me post pictures of my kids’ lunch boxes and snacks. You may have noticed that there were quite a few that included Made Good Foods.  It wasn’t because I worked for them or received their products, all those posts were natural extensions of my life. Every one of those posts that you saw over the past year were from me buying it for my kids. They happen to be sold at Costco (limited time) Whole Foods, Shoprite and King. Plus, the granola are allergy safe for my kids.  Honestly, there is a ridiculously long list on why I like their snacks, they are non-gmo, organic and taste good too! All these reasons makes it an easy decision to include them in my kids lunch boxes, right?

The good folks at Made Good Foods found out that I’m a big fan, because they recently reached out to me and asked if I would like to host a giveaway for their new granola snacks!  I have to be honest, I was thrilled beyond belief.  As I mentioned before, I use their products on a regular basis and to be able to share it with my readers makes me very happy!

They have generously offered “3″ of my readers a prize pack containing 8 boxes of their various granolas. Made Good Foods sent me a sample of the prize pack and the 8 boxes you get are a real nice assortment of flavors! Plus the most important thing is that they are organic, allergy friendly and delicious!


Good luck all!




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