Kids Snacks

Kids Snacks

Yesterday was “back to school” for my 4 kiddos. You would think that all summer, I would have been setting up for the school year. Nope! Due to the summer schedule, the whole season escaped me. I wound up spending my Labor Day getting the kids ready for school. I created a nook that my girlfriends lovingly call “Mommy Central”. Here, there is a place for the kids’ “dry snacks”, homework and lunch boxes. The rule is to grab 1 veggie container, 1 fruit container and 1 dry snack for their lunch boxes (I provide the main lunch). The veggie and fruit containers are prepped in the fridge. This week’s veggie and fruits are carrot sticks, pineapples and gala apples.

In case you are wondering what are in the wicker baskets:
-Organic Apple SauceIMG_4487.JPG
-GF Rice Rollers
-Organic GF/DF/TNF/PNF Granola (They are actually school safe!)
-That’s It Fruit Bars and Annie’s Fruit Snacks
-Lays Baked Chips…(I contemplated about getting these or not…but the school sells these for $2 a bag (ugh) and my daughter always wants one because her friends get it. I checked the ingredient and its DF/GF, it does contain soy lecithin…thankfully her allergies is isolated to soy protein not oil or lecithin. In the grand scheme of things it’s not too bad.) 🙂

I got all of the items at my local Costco.  Many of the wicker basket items are also available at our local grocery store or Target.  I hope this post helps those who are asking about snack ideas for their gf/df kids. A note to the parents, these snacks are also not only for the kids! Prepare extra and you too can have a heathy snack choice.

Have a great school year!

Clean Eating Gluten Free Foodie

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